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Dentistry has evolved over the years and plays a critical role over a lifetime in regards to individual's health. At Tesla Medical Solutions, we provide and supply the latest dental care technology and equipment to continually support our customers. Our commitment to dentistry, knowledge, and bettering our services really makes a difference in the quality patient care and services.

General Dentistry Equipment

Preventative maintenance and good daily oral hygiene are the best ways to keep teeth and mouth healthy. Tesla Medical dental care office provides all the general dental care and routine checkup equipment you need to keep your customers beautiful and healthy smile.

A bright and beaming smile makes your day and world a lot better. Today, advances in cosmetic dental techniques and technology make it easy for you to have a gorgeous smile that lasts a lifetime. From teeth whitening and custom porcelain veneers to teeth straightening consultations, we are you cosmetic dentistry clinic.


For decades, Tesla Dental has gained the trust of thousands of clinicians worldwide by helping them to deliver successful patient outcome.

The macro-geometry of our implants, allows less bone preparation, more bone preservation, resulting in high torque insertion, better primary stability and a more predictable success rate, with any surgical approach: two stage, one stage, immediate replacement, and immediate loading.

The micro-geometry of our Implants, increase the surface area of the implant 4 times more, allowing better adhesion of the fibrin filaments and improving the osteo-conductivity of the implant’s surface. Several dental implant designs provide solutions for any bone types for any kind of final restorations.

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