The cell specific tissue effect affords unparalleled surgical precision while sparing healthy tissue. The low temperature emission results in non-adherent bipolar performance which minimizes tissue trauma and eliminates frequent tip cleaning and instrument irrigation.

Patented Surgi-Max® emits high radiofrequency, low-temperature radiowaves to perform delicate, minimally invasive surgery with unparalleled precision, versatility and safety. The Surgi-Max® utilizes high radiofrequency, low-temperature radiowaves to perform traditional scalpel, scissor, electrosurgical and laser-assisted procedures. 

The elliquence Disc-FX® System safely, rapidly and effectively performs minimally invasive discectomyMinimally Invasive Discectomy & Microdiscectomy procedures for contained lumbar spine herniations. The innovative, patented design combines simple, intuitive function with precise surgical results.

Patented elliquence Trigger-Flex® Bipolar Systems offer navigational access in endoscopic or ‘key-hole’ procedures for targeted pathology treatment.